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As of September 19, 2016, we have acquired the estate planning practice and client files of Thomas L. Wilson. As you may know, Thomas L. Wilson has retired and no longer practicing law.  We have agreed to assist his clients as needed.

We are a small office with  experienced estate planning attorneys, Tim J. Larson, J.D.; Logan M. Brown, J.D., Kelsey A. Ebert, J.D., Mitch J. Armstrong, J.D. and an incredible support staff of six.  Throughout this transition, we hope to get to know you and be of service to you in your estate planning needs.

If you are a family member of a former client of Thomas L. Wilson and a death has occurred, or there are other issues you have questions about, please contact us so we can assist you.

We are an estate and business-planning firm with over 30 consecutive years of experience in planning for Kansas families.  We have seen plans come to fruition and have planned for multiple generations of a number of Kansas families.  We have been involved with multi-family and multi-generational closely held business and farm and ranch operations and have done much in the way of addressing estate tax and income tax concerns for our clients.

We plan for those individuals and families that have a desire to do good planning and leave a legacy for their families.  We review existing situations, plans and documents that clients have in place to make sure that everything will work properly when it is needed.

We assist those who are faced with the long-term care needs for family members in determining what can be done when facing the need to apply for Medicaid eligibility in the not too distant future.

What Sets Us Apart? 

We know that there are many attorneys in the state of Kansas. We also know that many attorneys may do a little estate planning along with other areas of practice. Estate Planning and Estate Administration is all we do. Our vast experience in estate planning and the way we serve and treat our clients is truly unique and sets us apart from the crowd. 

We have clients all over the state of Kansas.  In addition to phone conferences, we regularly schedule appointments by “Skype” or “Facetime” so that we can talk face to face with our clients, and no one needs to travel unless an “in person” meeting is desired.  It is our goal to build relationships that last.

We want to be a part of your advisory team. We know that estate planning is about more than just the legal work. There is the income tax component, the financial advisory component, and many other components that are needed to make a complete estate plan. We regularly work with most of the major accounting firms, investment firms, insurance advisors, and many smaller accounting and financial advisory practices across the state that our clients utilize. We believe that making sure that your team works closely together is key. We look forward to having the opportunity to become part of your trusted team.

We have worked with most of the major accounting firms and many smaller accounting practices across the state that our clients have utilized, as making sure the team works together is key.  We understand farms, ranches and closely held family businesses.  We have focused on virtually nothing but estate planning and the closely held business planning that goes along with that.  We do not litigate.  We plan, and there is a difference.  When we have clients that are involved in a litigation, we refer them to the very best attorneys we know who do that type of work.  We have a “niche” practice that allows us to be good at estate planning and estate administration.

We believe that your estate and your family deserve that level of attention and precision. We hope that our single-minded focus on estate planning and estate administration will be of service to you and your family going forward.

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