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Do You Qualify for Medicaid in Kansas?

In Kansas, you may be looking at upwards of $7,000 per month for nursing home care.

Do you want to spend all the money you’ve saved throughout your life on nursing home care? Or would you instead provide those assets to your family?

Our asset protection lawyers help develop a strategic plan for you or a loved one’s long-term care needs to safeguard your life savings from the high cost of care.

The Medicaid process can be complicated, but the first step you or a loved one should take when applying for Medicaid is to seek legal guidance from an experienced Medicaid planning attorney.

At Larson, Brown & Ebert, PA, we can help you build a Medicaid plan for your future healthcare needs that also protects your assets for your loved ones.

Take the first step and download our FREE Medicaid Planning Checklist to help you or a loved one navigate necessary Medicaid coverage qualifications in Kansas.


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