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Do You Have a Plan for Your Kansas Farm or Ranch Legacy?

This makes farm and ranch planning such a unique area of the law, one that takes expert estate planning knowledge from an experienced Kansas attorney. Our firm has been doing estate planning for farm families for decades. With clients all across Kansas, from the Colorado border to Missouri.

Our experienced team of attorneys can help you build a plan to fit your needs when passing on your farm or ranch to the next generation and beyond.

Take the first step toward understanding farm and ranch planning by downloading our FREE Farm and Ranch Succession Planning Checklist. In our checklist, we will explain:

  • The vital steps to succession planning
  • The questions unique to farm or ranch planning
  • The value of establishing an LLC and other business operation agreements
  • The estate planning documents to consider for your farm or ranch
  • How Larson, Brown & Ebert, PA can help protect your farm or ranch legacy for the next generation
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