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FREE VIDEOS: The Importance of a Revocable Living Trust in Kansas

A revocable living trust can be changed or terminated by the grantor setting up the trust at any time before the person’s death or incapacity.

Without establishing a living trust in Kansas, your assets may not be adequately protected. You may also lose the opportunity for tax planning and other advantages if the trust document is not appropriately drafted.

Larson, Brown & Ebert, PA has a team of experienced Kansas estate planning attorneys and asset protection lawyers to help you or loved ones establish a living trust.

To learn more about revocable living trusts and other legal strategies to protect your assets and legacy, view our library of educational videos.

Our videos on Revocable Living Trusts cover:

  • Article 5 – Administration of the Trust Upon the Death of the Grantor
  • Article 12 – Revocable Living Trusts
  • Article 14 – Trust Administration
  • Article 15 – My Trustees Power
  • Article 16 – General Provisions
  • Estate Planning
  • Funding Your Bank Account into Your Trust
  • Things Your Trust Doesn’t Do

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